What Does a Job at REYFYA Pay?

Requirements - 

  • Obsessed with culture 
  • Believe in Sasquatch 
  • Understand rules of Spikeball 
  • Already following REYFYA on social media
  • Dislike for Sushi... I mean gross! 

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Not Your Mom's Company

What We're Asking

  • Opportunity to be part of a startup company in the Silicon Slopes.
  • Pick your job title.  Seriously!  What is missing on your resume?  Pick something that will help fill that void and provide you a sense of accomplishment with REYFYA.
  • Work as many hours as you want.  View a job at REYFYA as a side gig where you get to disrupt and challenge the way people think.  That may be 1 hour a week or 40.  You pick.
  • Commission.  If you are able to find a new client for us that we couldn't find on our own, we will give you 10% of the money made on that deal.  We are thinking of it as tithing.  Now when you are at crossfit, grocery shopping, or an RSL game.  Tell that person you work for a startup company that focuses on workplace culture.  Once you introduce Blake and Jared and they close the deal, we'll give you 10%.  The other 90% go back into making REYFYA even better.
  • Challenge the way people view and understand company culture.  Break the mold through innovative ideas! 
  • Be in touch with the business community to know of the latest and greatest trends in culture.
  • Attend occasional "cereal sessions" with Blake and Jared where you can provide updates to what you've been doing.  Basically we talk business while eating cereal at home.  Beware of Ollie though, he throws food.
  • Proactivity.  If you need to be told what to do, this is not the place for you.  A job at REYFYA is what you make of it.  If you want to be told what to do, you'll get nothing out of it.  This is to make you better while sharing the mission of REYFYA.  
  • Fearlessness.  You need to be fearless in talking to people about culture.  We'll give you the tools you need to sound legit, but you need to talk to everyone you can and network like crazy to share our amazing mission.  

One of the cultural principles we teach about is the different forms of pay.  Pay is not just about money.  Cultural enthusiasts get paid emotionally, being part of something bigger than yourself, changing the way people do business, and believing in challenging the status quo.  

As a bootstrapped company we don't have any funding and and reinvesting all of our income into making REYFYA something bigger and better.  That means we don't take any money home... but we are getting paid big time in the emotional and disruption space.  

We love our Mom's more than just about anyone, but when we told them about our career opportunities at REYFYA, even they were like, "WTF?"  We are looking for anyone who believes in the importance of workplace culture and getting to the human side of doing business to join our team.    As thought leaders in the cultural space, and people who are always challenging the status quo of business, and are more motivated by making a difference than making money.  

Now Hiring: Cultural Enthusiasts

I mean how could you say "no" to an opportunity like this?  It's pretty simple to apply, either email us at culture@reyfya.com or ask us your questions in the form to the right.  We look forward to talking to you and learning about your views on company culture.  

What We're Offering