What we really can offer you is the chance to find more applicants and get the right kind of people to want to work for you.  We can help outline the interview process and increase your candidate pool by finding millennials the way they want to be found... on social media.

  • Recruiting content. 
  • Social media content.
  • Marketing material.
  • An inside view into your company culture.  
  • Enhanced branding.

We teach the skills of Crypto Leadership to the CEO and then teach them how to Squatch Walk.  I mean honestly, who wants to work for a CEO that can let loose, and do fun things like learn how to be more like Sasquatch?  We will involve everyone during our cultural exploration through games and unique activities.

  • One overview video about your company culture.
  • Several minute long clips of your company culture for social medial purposes.
  • Advertising with all of REYFYA's followers on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Most people do their best thinking in the bathroom, and it is an important part of the decision making process in accepting a job offer... what is the restroom like?  We will take a look around the entire office so your job seekers know what to expect when they consider working for you.  And we'll rank your bathroom on a scale of 0-10 wipes! 

Cultural Highlight Videos

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What You'll Get

We will spend time talking to your CEO and C-Suite in order to understand what the culture means to them, and the vision they have for those that work for them.  With our casual approach, we really want your leadership team to open up, and connect with your potential applicants and future employees during this video series.

We will talk to your employees and find out what the culture means to them.  Does their view align with the CEO's view?  Do they find meaning and accomplishment in their job?  Why do they love working for your company?  We get it straight from the employees.

Finding talent, retaining talent, and showing the human side of your business is more important than ever.  We are passionate about visiting business and finding what makes them unique. 


REYFYA will provide an overview of your business and feature your business online for an entire month.  We will show from an inside perspective what the culture is really like, what it means to your business, and why it is unique from other businesses.  We only spend a few hours on site filming and interviewing, making the process simple and non-disruptive to your business.

What to Expect