How to Keep Your Most Valuable Asset

  • Myth: All my employees need is a paycheck.  
    • Fact: They want to be paid emotionally as well.  Total comp is way more than just money.
  • Myth: Paid for medical insurance is all our employees want.  
    • Fact: Millennials are young and fearless, they don't care about benefits.
  • Myth: We are working on the coolest technology out there.
    •  Fact: So is everyone else.
  • Myth: We are the only company with unlimited PTO.  
    • Fact: It is rare to find a best company to work for that doesn't have unlimited PTO.  

The people who are creating your tech and most valuable assets have been trained since childhood to be the best and never complacent.  What they can do with a computer in 30 minutes would take you weeks.  Oh, and they really don't think that working for a paycheck is enough to keep them working for you... so get over it.  These are millennials we are talking about.  They also can get a 6 figure job just coming out of college with a degree and internship under their belt.


  • In 2025 44% of your workforce will be millennials 
  • The average millennial stays at a job for 3 years
  • Utah is the most youthful state in the nation 
  • ​Utah is the 2nd fastest growing place for Tech jobs in all of America
  • ​3 of the 4 best tech cities in the USA are located in Utah
  • ​Provo was rated as the #1 best place to move to by 5 sources in 2015

The Deets 

Culture = Retention

The only thing that sets you apart from every other company out there is your culture.  We're not talking about a dusty ping pong table in the corner either.  Culture is the way your organization thinks, behaves, and values.  Culture is not having free meals, it is about having a leadership team that empowers you unleash your full potential, knows who you are as an individual, and values you personal strengths.  Culture is creating a place where I have to work, regardless of how many headhunters try to poach me away, and how much money I could make some other place.  Culture is what creates my identity and makes me know I'm home.

Recruiting Process

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Just like rollerblading, JNCO jeans, and fanny packs were all the rage, get ready for the next one… cultural recruiting!  Psssh you say, we already have full time recruiters and agencies who help us find the best out there.  Let us ask you this... how many of those candidates drop the job search after they interview with you, because you are the "job of their dreams?"  We really don't want to do your hiring but we do want to help you with your process to make your company the best experience for the job seeker.  When we are done with you, your job candidates will give you better interviews, have longer retention, and be more loyal.  My word, how you’ll thank us!