Cultural Immersion 

  • Spend 7+ days in the Dominican Republic
  • Stay at an all inclusive resort
  • Visit amazing and historically significant sites
  • Learn about the history of the country
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Island of Hispaniola
  • Shop in a developing country
  • Enjoy folkloric shows of the Caribbean 

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."    - Ghandi

  • Connect with and help a family/individual in need
  • Participate in a community service
  • Change the life of a fellow human being
  • Experience a change of heart
  • Serve with members of your family
  • Establish a lasting relationship with other humanitarian excursionists
  • Inspire a community
  • Leave a footprint

Executive Humanitarian Retreat Program

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Imagine 7+ days out of the office with your executive team.  Being immersed in a tropical paradise focusing on the human side of culture and how that applies to your workplace.  If you want to truly learn what your works culture needs, then put your own motives aside and come to the Dominican Republic with us where we and our friends at Human Ekdromi can help you find yourself in a culture of service.   

Part of your all inclusive humanitarian trip will include customized cultural training from REYFYA.  Think of this cultural retreat as the tip of the icebearg in understanding your company culture.  When the humanitarian work ends in the Dominican Republic, it is just about to begin in your business.  But don't worry, REYFYA can be there to help you every step along the way.  

Humanitarian Trip

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