We've spoken all over the place, here are just a few of the locations we've been keynotes at.  In short we are not new to the presentation game.  We are known for being interactive, human, and a lot of fun.

  • DisruptHR
  • Unite Utah
  • Society for Human Resource Management 
  • Utah Crossroads Conference
  • Tribalry
  • SHRM National Conference
  • Local Utah Chamber of Commerce Chapters
  • University of Phoenix 
  • Department of Workforce Services
  • ​Private Corporate Events 

​Public speaking is the number one fear of Americans before death.  How about instead of fearing you’re a fool in front of your peers, you allow us to do it for you?  We know what it is like to sit in a conference or presentation about the latest and greatest and literally had to walk out because of how painful the presenter and material has been.  As such we have taken our irreverent style to the stage.  We love to see the light go on as we present on the disruptive nature of culture.  At first people think, "can they say and do that here?"  By the end, they are asking us for autographs and throwing us flowers!  In fact it has been said that Blake is, "The single greatest presenter I've ever seen, a national treasure, and masculine specimen who gives Chuck Norris a run for his money."  

Them might be fighting words... but we'll take the challenge.  Enjoy this presentation by Blake about Crypto Leadership.  

We do custom trainings, but some of our most requested trainings include the following.  

  • Straight for the Killshot: The power of millennials, video games, and your bottom line.
  • ​Phys Ed: Short Shorts and Sequins 
  • ​Coaching is the Key to Empowering Your Workforce 
  • Creating an Avant-Garde Culture 
  • Chow: A culinary tour of difficult conversations
  • Crypto Leadership 
  • How Culture is the Most Important Factor to Your Bottom Line
  • Recruiting for Cultural Fit

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