Wanna go fast like Ricky Bobby and know what it is like to feel the pressure of being a real life NASCAR pit crew?  REYFYA and Utah Motorsports Campus can make that a reality for your business.  We provide you with one hour of action like a real pitcrew, and talk about all the leadership philosophies that will make your executive team just as well oiled as a NASCAR racecar.  

Not only will you be on a real racetrack, but you'll get to use the tools on a legit racecar to feel the pressure of being in a pit crew.  This is a unique opportunity to take communication, leadership, speed, and trust to a new level with your executive team.  

The leadership skills you'll gain in this pit crew challenge will include immediate take away's you can implement immediately in improving your company culture and leadership philosophies.  

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Pit Crew Leadership Challenge

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