Cultural Change

Cultural Implementation

Having run several businesses we know first hand how many balls you are juggling.  Running a company, department, or team is stressful and very time consuming.  Add the fact that you aren’t loving your job and the direction the culture is headed... man that sounds rough.  The reality is your culture will only thrive if you allow it to, which means your company culture just became another task you need to take care of.  Allow our over twenty years of experience to help answer questions you have, or present you with ideas we have seen successfully implemented.  We’ll help you with any cultural consulting needs, making sure our solutions are fun, unique, and tailored to your individual business.  Consider us your cultural concierge.

Executive Consulting 

Some might know the story of Tony Hsieh the CEO of  Prior to starting the million dollar online retail store, Tony co-founded LinkExchange.  Tony’s Harvard degree in Computer Science paid off as LinkExchange took off, but Tony started to hate his job.  He lost control of the culture and wasn’t looking forward to going to work at his successful startup company.  Tony sold LinkExchange to Microsoft for $265 million as a result of having no passion for the company he started.  
Some might say it would be awesome to make that kind of money, but in Tony’s case he just wanted to be done with a company he didn’t enjoy working at anymore.  This is the power of having a world class culture.  

REYFYA specializes in helping with cultural change.  We are here to help your company avoid becoming a company you don’t want to work for anymore.  By focusing on REYFYA's cultural competencies we can help your company with a paradigm shift that will turn your low energy culture into a place booming with excitement and creativity.  Not only will our principles help your business, but they will help transcend your life to a new level of constant enjoyment.  

Our Services

Our cultural implementation program is a way for REYFYA to come into your business, meet with your executive team, leadership team, and team members to really assess where your culture currently is today.  We then work with leadership to identify a cultural program that is just what your company needs, and we help implement it.  We’ll meet with your entire company to roll out the new program, and give each of your employees the tools they need to help send your culture in a new direction.  We think the Spice girls said it best, “[Allow REYFYA to] Spice up your life!"